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  1. be sick of

    • ph.
      討厭; 厭倦
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    • ph.
    • 1. 討厭; 厭倦

      Tom is sick of studying English. 湯姆不喜歡讀英語。


    討厭; 厭倦


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    • ph. 討厭,厭惡…

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    • 這是什麼意思.... 英翻中

      to be sick of 是對人或事感到厭惡或 噁心 ex: He is sick of what happened today. >>他對今天發生的事情感到厭惡 ex: I am sick of what you are. >>我厭惡你的所作所為

    • 有誰知道我恨你們怎麼翻

      I be sick of you 這句文法錯了 應該是 I am sick of you 或 you make me sick. 而且sick通常不能用在這裡 只能用在I am sick of his jokes (我受夠他的笑話) 可以用 I strongly detest/despise...

    • Are you sick of England?

      Yes. It means that you've been in English for a period of time and you're tired of a certain, if not more, factors that...