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    • side with each other 與其他用法的差別

      ... are side with each other. 與 Both lampstands are side by side. ,因為只有2個燈座,所以兩句意思都是「並排靠在一起」。

    • traveling cc咩意思?舞蹈用語

      ... Cha Cha Position: Side be Side (aka Sweetheart), side by side facing LOD. This dance has...答案 2011-07-11 09:01:35 補充: 2妙手空空兒, then, so be it!

    • 英文翻譯 有醫學的單字喔 幫忙一下

      ...坐姿勢 side by side---雙腳合併 The patient’s feet can be positioned either in stride or side by side. Positioned in stride,behind and to one side of a patient, the physical therapist...