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    be silent about

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    • C in TUCSON is silent?

      C is not pronounced in Tucson!Tucson does not exit in...

    • 有關silent all this year

      ... sometimes I said sometimes I hear my voice and it's been here silent all these years So you found a girl who thinks really...

    • 【沉默】の英文怎麼拼 ? ..

      silent沉默的. She is silent when I ask her about that boy.當我問她那男孩時,她不說話. 有首...數十年不衰.另一個字,mute,也是無聲的意思.啞巴要用這個字形容,不能用上面的silent.汽機車的消音器也是用這個字.還有一個字常用,quiet. 大部份的翻譯是"安靜...