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  1. be simplicity itself

    • ph.
      be extremely easy
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    • ph.
      be extremely easy

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • struck 的意思

      i was struck by it's simplicity. it's 不對 = its 才對 我很驚訝,它(octree)竟然這麼簡易...

    • 問一個英文文法

      It was a era of innocence and simplicity you have to use "noun" as a description after " use "adj" then the sentence is "It was an innocent and simple era." 2011-04-04 22:13:59...

    • 請問以下的英文 Do not be fooled

      Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this program, you will soon see how demanding it is on your body. 不要被這個課程的簡易度蒙騙了, 你即將會看到它有多...