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    be spoiling for
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    be spoil ng for

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    • 二十點.....translate, pls..Thanks

      ...was sometimes fresher in the past, but it was also more likely to be spoiled. For example, we can enjoy fresh food at any time of the year, because of modern methods...

    • 英文高手請進 有關英句型重組(15點) the real world now so I hope you didn't get too accustomed to being spoiled. 5. We in the Aisa . same for the of accommodation our trip to stayed duration We stayed...

    • 請告訴我 英文諺語的中文意思要舉例~

      ...spoil the ship for a hap' orth o' tar 或是 spoil the ship for a haporth of tar 或是 losing a ship for a... a great loss out of stinginess It is not worth it to lose a ship for a haporth o' tar...