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  1. be tensed up

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    • 1. 神經緊張 Players are very tensed up before a match. 運動員在比賽前都感到神經緊張。
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    • more than it is needed

      The arms should not be tense in elbows and shoulder more than it is needed to keep the gun up. 持槍的雙臂不應該在肘部和肩膀上拉緊, 不需要用超过保持把槍提起的(力度...

    • 英文填充題!

      1.The past tense of bring up is ____brought___up. "bring up 的過去式是...過去式是drove" 11.The opposite of drop off is _pick___ up. "drop off的相反是pick up" 12.A _mile___ is...

    • 英文講稿,請幫忙潤飾一下

      ..., listening to music and playing the computer.) I am very happy and tensed up what the talk to everyone on the classroom. (I am glad but nervous that...