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    • 請問我這兩句英文有問題嗎??

      I am conducted the tensile test for observation of temperature?? 我去做拉伸實驗 為了觀察或被動式(動詞+ed)時,才使用。 The test was stopped when the test machine moved forward 3...

    • 請問我這樣的英文句型 有錯誤嗎??

      我去做拉伸實驗 I do a tensile experiment. 實驗將會在測試機器移動6mm停止 The experiment will stop when the test machine moves to 6 mm. 準備金相實驗 Prepare metallographic analysis

    • Find + being + pp

      The rope shall be immediately replaced if it is [found] heavily deformed or losing its tensile strength. found 可以省略,it's implied unmistakably: someone ...