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  1. be the same thing

    • ph.
      無不同, 結果(或意義等)相同
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 無不同, 結果(或意義等)相同 You can pay by cash or cheque: it is the same thing. 你可付現金或支票, 都一樣。


    無不同, 結果(或意義等)相同

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      and that was the same thing as being alone (而那跟獨自一人沒啥不同...blow his top(發脾氣)=lose his temper=hit the ceiling---You are straining my eyes (你讓我大開眼界...

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      1.There are other phrase meaning the same thing_____"apple-polishing "...kind 就是同一種的兩個東西--two of the same kind!同理We are (two people) of an age. 也是 We...

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      ...six capabilities are only use We like electricity, electricity is the same thing, in the light to shine in the electric heater to heat, TV on the imaging...