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  1. be the spit of

    • ph.
      look exactly like
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    • ph.
      look exactly like

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請問這些英文句子有別的說法嗎??

      ... worked late at night to do her schoolwork well.13.The boy is the spitting image of his father. 那男孩像極了他父親。 →The boy is just like a...

    • 請問spitting image的典故

      ...spirit and image, 只 說 spitting image、 spit and image、 dead spit of, 或 very spit of, 例 如 ︰ Tom is the spitting image/spit and image/dead spit/very spit of his father(...

    • 請求英文高手幫忙看我翻譯是否有誤.

      .... I often think about wh are they like to betel nut?It' driver do it. If a man spit the betel nut at will in my front... to drink his spit of betel nut by himself. 嗯...