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    • 一串英文幫忙看有沒有文法錯誤.10點

      Be strong and patient to beat the destiny. Trust myself can be the victor. 1.destiny 前面一定要加the嗎? 2.victor 及 winner的差異or用法? 3.beat... long as (只要)Itrust myself, I can (will) be the victor.

    • 同意字的辨析

      ...struggle or contest. 例句: It remains to be seen who will be the victor in the contest. 誰將在這場比賽中獲勝還得等著瞧。 這是我從兩個不同的...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻 1 句 英翻中

      ...和我家那中古女人去Medieval Times 吃飯。 The red knight was the victor, with our support of course!! 紅騎士勝出,當然是有我們力挺啦! ...