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  1. be tired out

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    • 1. 筋疲力盡 Jean's tired out and should go to bed early. 吉恩十分疲勞, 該早點去睡覺。





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    • I am stressed out.

      ... were all really tired out after our long journey=> be tired out累垮了 9.I'd like to stretch my mortgage payments out over...

    • 英文片語翻譯(拜託我今天就要了)

      ...smoething 被設置做smoething 14 be sick of 是病殘 15 be tired of 是疲乏 16 be tired out 是疲乏 17 be up to date 最新 18 be used to 被用於 19 be worn...

    • 請問英文Idioms的翻譯

      ...空運寄這個行李。 2 tired-----out  十分疲勞、累垮了 例如:I am tired out.我累垮了。 3 to ---make out  了解、清楚的看見。。。 例如:I can make...