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  1. only to be expected

    • ph.
      可能發生; 相當正常
    • 釋義


    • 1. 可能發生; 相當正常 A little tiredness after taking these drugs is only to be expected. 服下這些藥後會有些疲倦。 It is only to be expected your son will leave home eventually. 兒子總歸要離開家的, 這種事很難免。
  2. 知識+

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      ...039;t have enough time." This is to be expected in places like Singapore where the...we can maximize the use of time. One suggestion is to make a list of the jobs to be done...

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      The economy is expected to be revised upwards, but as sometimes...economic growth finds its way to the poor... 所以as there is 就是說當有little of such economic growth這...

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      ... York. 請問 expected 在此的意義是什麼? expect: 預計, 預料 to be expected: X 被預計, 預料 The flight is expected to land at 1800...