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  1. be too much for sb.

    • ph.
      (要求自己)在技巧(或力量等)方面超過他人; 非某人力所能及;忍無可忍
    • 釋義


    • 1. (要求自己)在技巧(或力量等)方面超過他人; 非某人力所能及 The Cambridge team were too much for the Oxford team in the quiz. 在智力競賽中, 劍橋隊遠勝牛津隊。 A cycling holiday would be too much for an unfit person like me. 像我這種身體, 騎自行車度假力不從心。
    • 2. 忍無可忍 All that giggling and whispering was too much for me -- I had to leave the room. 我受不了那些咯咯的笑聲和交頭接耳的樣子--只好離開了那間屋子。