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    • Translate to Chinese

      The beef is put in order to cut square of 2 centimeters...the pan, add the soy sauce, soup-stock to stew and boil for 6 - 8 hours with small fire, see the beef is soft and rotten. Another pan...

    • Waiting for your crush to like

      ...暗戀,再用我的愛回報你的暗戀. Where "用我的愛回報你的暗戀" is to translate "to like you back". 2014-01-15 02:20:27 補充: This sentence...

    • translate into還是translate to

      ...開始將統一非洲的夢想轉化為行動。 轉移,調動【+to】 After the war he was translated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 戰後,他被調到外交部...