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    be treated with care

    • ph.
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    • She was then treated to a gian

      ...蛋糕 <--- 兩個對等的形容詞用逗號連起來, 意思是「既...又...」 be treated to xxx : 被招待xxx, 例如: She was treated to dinner. (= ...

    • 中翻英、一些單字怎麼念

      ...all right. 她對我還不錯。 2. 處理;為...塗上保護層 This substance must be treated with acid. 這材料得用酸來處理。 3. 探討;論述 The book treats...

    • 翻譯:I don't want to be treated.

      I don't want to be treated with him.如果改個字這句子就合理了. I don't want to be treated...對待" 2010-09-22 01:56:14 補充: 會不會是: I don't want to be seated with him 或 I don't want to be sitting with...