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    • 很簡單的一句英文,分析一下

      This is true of almost all decisions <...修飾的形容詞,因此放在all的旁邊。 of almost all decisions是介係詞...整個要靠近要修飾的東西,因此其靠近true,就是要修飾true的意思。 這句可以...

    • 一句英文 問題的翻譯:

      [1. According to paragraph 1, all of the following were true of viewing films in Kinetoscope parlors EXCEPT...

    • 有關警察訓練的英文,求翻譯

      This is especially( true of) force-on-force training [that ] puts ..., and will know what your options are out on the street 你(指警察)必須在訓練中得到 身歷其境...