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    • [英文]英翻中,懇請幫忙,很緊急唷

      ...音樂傳統為基礎的美國流行樂., The origins of the word "jazz," which was first used to refer to music in about 1915, are uncertain; for the origin and history, see Jazz (word). "jazz"...

    • 急需英文翻譯高手!!贈20點喔!

      ...reader wants to know. At the same time, the sentence indicates how uncertain the researcher is about the estimated quantity of interest. Inferences are never certain, so any honest presentation of statistical...

    • 急需 英翻中 贈20點

      ... costs are uncertain, but the reorder cost is somewhere between $50 and $70, and...between 20 per cent and 25 per cent of unit cost a year. If $200, what can you say about the order size? 一間公司準備...