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    • 就是愛你愛著你..這首歌的歌詞...請幫我翻譯成英文 you You give me the happiness that is unexpected Have given the desert like the oasis... would like to really like to pay all Oh is together Time continues passing...

    • 一段英文翻譯中文

      給您參考: Are unexpected outcomes in childbirth normal, and should they be presented in all classes? 意料之外的的結果在嬰兒生產上是正常現象嗎?這些是否在所有班級中都應該要提及?

    • 關於as的用法 多益題目?

      The announcement was unexpected, as the musical received harsh criticism from renowned musical theater critic ...認為不該給它獎,這是我的理由) 在本句裡:連接詞as = because As it was late, I decided to book into a hotel. see p.61 Cambridge...