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    • 中文翻英文~請幫忙~謝謝!!! 急..

      In fact, the wolf also is unlike the person the imagination in so bad, a lot of, just the person...or any biologic. Person from when start the afraid wolf?Is this a nature? In fact at about 10,000 years...

    • 請問一小段中翻英短文如何翻譯?請幫忙!

      賴和 is unlike 連溫卿、蔣渭水 and some other revolutionary practice men always in the frontline of...famous intellectuals of resistamce in Japan governance era, only 賴和 is accepted by everyside of 左右翼光譜 at the same time and further research the...

    • 請教英文高手回答三題英文問題!!

      ...b.Unlike most of 請問答案是哪一個?為什麼呢? The correct answer is A_Unlike most,原因如下: most + 名詞 =>非限定用法 -> most students, most ...