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    • 英文寫作幫忙看文法錯誤

      ...amp;rsquo;t have enough time to ponder what I can do or not. I will get up and do what I longing to do, except commit crime, of course. If I were a man who had only one day to live, I’d not waste my...

    • 請幫忙修改這篇英文作文 謝謝您的幫忙

      ... of my bad habits is burning the midnight oil every now and then. I often stay up late and to do something what I like. For...例如文法書上寫道 He will be ten years old next year. ...

    • 問一個英文句子

      (All you have to do) is pick up your book and study for the exam. 你只要把書拿起來,讀...要做,所以用 and 連接起來,就是: pick up your book and study for the exam 這是兩個動作,所以...