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  1. be up to the mark


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    • 1. 合乎標準 His work is not up to the mark. 他的工作沒有合乎標準。
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    • 請問這九個英文慣用語的意思?

      ...一人 ex:That boy is always the odd man out when the children are divided into teams. 5.up to the mark達到標準的 6.rose to the occassion是rise to the occassion(應付自如)嗎...

    • 英文片語 up to...的用法?

      ... school work isn't quite up to the mark. 他的功課不大符合要求。 7. up to the minute 最新的 例:Her clothes are always right up to the minute. 他的衣著總是很...

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      ... prices to rival supermarkets... people say the Sainsbury&rsquo... names are still the reason Omega can put a 300% mark-up on their ...