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  1. be used to


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    • 1. 習慣於 She is used to hard work. 她習慣於艱苦工作。
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    • be used to

      There used to be a tall tree in the back yard when I was child...;--- used是動詞, to是不定詞的引導字was used to + Ving/N : 過去習慣於(某動作或某事...

    • used to be..

      ...曾經發生過的事情。 簡單的說,used to 的受詞是 to beto do。 used to+ beused to+ do 就是「以前曾經」的意思,強調的是發生的時間。 used...

    • be used toused to 例句問題? "I used to [do X]" indicates an activity that...