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  1. be used up

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    • 1. 用完了 Our stock of matches is used up. 我們貯存的火柴用完了。 I can't go on. I am used up. 我不能繼續下去, 我累極了。



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      The develop contries of the world are using up valuable resources at a rate (unprecedented human history).請問括弧中哪裡有...

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      1. I am used to waking up early.我習慣早起 get used to it 習慣於"it"(事情或是東西...

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      ...used to his messing up the kitchen. However, Tina was used to messing up the kitchen. (蒂娜習慣於搞亂了廚房 ) doesn't mean the same as with "...