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  1. 天崩地坼

    • zhuyin[ㄊㄧㄢㄅㄥㄉㄧˋㄔㄜˋ]
    • pinyin[tianbengdiche]
    • as though Heaven and Earth had fallen; as though both heaven and earth were falling to pieces; heaven falling and earth cracking (or rending) -- violent political or social upheavals
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    • 7個英文法試題 疑難雜症

      ...)1. I _____told you that he is very violent, but I didn't. (A) would have...是 I should have told you that he is very violent, but I didn't.或是I should...

    • 請幫 我 翻成 英文

      Your glasses was violent broke that I suggest you change a pair of glasses Or...

    • little more violent death..??

      violent death :暴力(造成)的;非自然的死亡 little more than: 和…一樣 (沒有差別),例: A child is little more than a baby. (小孩和嬰兒沒有兩樣;小孩就像是嬰兒) He'...