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    be well documented

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    • 請糾正英文句子 ~~

      1.Documents is well received with many thanks. 2.Sent...句不視為錯誤. 還原句應是: 1. The set of documents is well received with many thanks. 2. We...

    • 這段英文該怎麼翻譯才好?請幫忙~!!

      Despite popular public belief, it has been well documented that muscle lactate and hydrogen ion accumulation are in no way associated...

    • 英文 請高手翻譯一下

      ...the formation of lipid hydroperoxide and in the depletion of natural antioxidants is well-documented. 在脂質過氧化物的形成以及天然抗氧化劑的釋放中,自由基所扮演的角色在很多...