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    be dripping wet

    • ph.
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    • ph.
      初出茅廬; 少不更事; 乳臭未乾 She was too wet behind the ears to bear such responsibility. 她乳臭未乾, 不能負擔這樣的責任。
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    • 有關be wet behind the ears的解釋 to the inexperience of a baby, so recently born as to be still wet.引用'm telling you, Ed, this guy is still wet behind the ears - he has no idea of...

    • 詢問一句子的文法問題

      It must have rained because the street is wet. 這個句型是"現在完成式"。 也就是have...到現在還在下,那就變成 It has been raining for two hours. ( 雨已經下了...

    • got wet / was getting wet

      ... wet裡的got是連繫動詞,I got wet = I became wet. was getting 的結構裡的get是一般動詞,是及物動詞,不符本句沒有受詞的狀況...