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  1. be wet behind the ears

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      初出茅廬; 少不更事; 乳臭未乾
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    • 1. 初出茅廬; 少不更事; 乳臭未乾 She was too wet behind the ears to bear such responsibility. 她乳臭未乾, 不能負擔這樣的責任。
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    • 有關be wet behind the ears的解釋

      ...因為那人毫無工作經驗。例句I'm telling you, Ed, this guy is still wet behind the ears - he has no idea of how to even start the job. Why, my nine-year...

    • 英文翻譯成中文

      ...check? (英翻中) 我今天不行去吃晚餐,我可以延期嗎? 2. The young man is still wet behind the ears. (英翻中) 年輕人沒有經驗 3. The old man is a cold fish. (英翻...

    • wet” 比較特殊的中文翻譯 her lexicon is an accusation of gutlessness...大的蔑視,「懦弱」(wet),在她的詞彙裡,這... a wet nurse for the infant Elliot...cocky college kid, still wet behind the ears. 對瑪莉來說,那天...