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    be with it

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    • 幾個英語問題, 尋求您的解答

      ...wrong with it 而不是 I don't know what wrong with it is. 主要子句後接問句, 不是不可以倒裝嗎? Ans...改寫成 I believe that I stated is true. 因為 believe後面的 what I stated...

    • 幫忙英翻中,一小段句子

      ... to be less effort than what it takes to just wash the spoon when you are done with it.題中少了it, It’s considered to be less effort than=>一般認為...

    • 英文文法說明及詞性

      ... luck failed them 2 it had been with them when they made their...主詞 it, 動詞為過去完成式 had beenwith them 則是個介系詞片語當形容詞用...