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  1. be wrapped up in

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      注意力完全集中於某人/某事物; 與某人/某事物難解難分
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    • 1. 注意力完全集中於某人/某事物; 與某人/某事物難解難分 They are completely wrapped up in their children. 他們把全部精力都用在孩子身上了。 She was so wrapped up in her work that she didn't realize how late it was. 她只顧埋頭工作, 沒意識到天已經很晚了。
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      ...donut spend similar to the sponge in inside high face skin, 2005-11-09 22:40:57 補充: is it wrap up in thick thick chocolate to open up too outside the baked donut, make these dessert, seem...

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      ...i wonder if you feel like me do you ever get wrapped up in the folds of my memory? -ani ...我 你是否曾將我藏在你的心理? -ani I am not sure why, but after tonight, I just feel that...