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  1. bear a relationship to

    • ph.
      be logically consistent with
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    • 英文商業信, 求助貿易相關知識, 如何回覆客戶, 謝謝 assign your forwarder and bear the insurance to cover the delivery risk while you place...一句 And we can give you a special discount (or we can support you...know. Wish a great business relationship between us in the future and...

    • 請人幫我翻譯這篇”國際詐騙集團”的來信(一)

      感謝您的來信,在此向您與您的家人問好。您近況如何?我知道這封向我不認識的人訴說我人生經歷的電子郵件看起來有些驚奇怪異,但我這麼作是有理由的。我的家人想要除掉我,所以告訴陌生第三人我的事可能會救我自己一命,請容忍我繼續下去。 我真的很希望能和您建立良好的關係...

    • 幫忙翻譯一篇英文(中翻英),有關水瓶座的

      ...people unable to afford to bear others fond dream... good opinion or curiosity to him too soon, must keep...people keep the good interpersonal relationships to watch the mood and guess...will not think he is a cold and detached...