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  1. bear claw


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    • 我忘了熊的英文怎麼拼了ㄟ

      ...bear arms1.(古)從軍.戰鬥2.帶武器bear away拿走.獲得bear claw(美國特有用語)熊爪糕(一種杏仁味早餐糕點.形似...支持,承受;承擔Mrs. Ann Bader bears all expenses.安妮‧巴德太太承擔一切費用...

    • 翻譯.中文翻英文.急

      勇奪 won 誤踩 false step 熊爪 bear claw 抓傷 scratch /動詞excoriate 隊史 team history 贏球 win 輸球 lose 看球 watch 慘遭 brutally 獎盃 cup /名詞1.cup2.prize3.premium4.reward

    • 台灣黑熊的資料 英文的

      ...with tough, thick paws, each of which has five claws; a short tail; and a long muzzle. They are... are also known as "white-throated bears" because of the V-shaped splotch of white...