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    • Lady Gaga關於不問不說政策(DADT)的演講中文翻譯

      ... your oath to the Armed Forces to defend the Constitution of the United States...against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I will bear true faith and allegiance to do the same, unless there's a gay...

    • [翻譯] 拜託英文高手了

      ... was prejudiced. They both bear their mental shortcomings and prejudice in mind... them as weapons to attack and to defend. After going through back and forth mutual ...

    • 80 恨中錄:惠慶宮日記, 英文求中譯

      十一月時緊張到了無法承受的地步因為世子的後宮. 陛下多次對王子爆發了深深地憤怒. 無法控制他自己, 父親為王子辯護. 他相當失策地大聲對陛下說了一些事而丟了職務. 這引起了皇室的憤怒. 他隨即被免職並被逐出宮外. 不安彌漫了宮廷. 皇室也遷怒到我, 我也受到嚴厲的警告. 我只是不...