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    think no small bear of oneself

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    • ph. 忍痛,忍受痛苦

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    • ph. 從…中擠過去

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    • ph. 不顯得蒼老,老當益壯

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    • ph. 承擔自己的一份義務

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    • ph. 過早樂觀.

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    • 台灣黑熊的資料 英文的

      ... is their mating season, with females typically bearing one to three cubs at a time after eight to nine months of pregnancy. ...

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      ...為他最喜歡的大熊隊加油 Ann is a super loyal fan of Big Bears. So one day, she went to a baseball game to support Big Bears. super loyal...

    • 英文答句6:30以前回

      ...: He didn’t do anything. 6. What did the bear touch first? ANS: The bear touched the man’s hands first...