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    • 請幫我翻譯一首英文詩

      ... is drawing night, 夜幕將近 Shadows of the evening, Steal across the sky... begin to peep, 眾星隱約顯現 Birds and beasts and flowers Soon will be asleep. 鳥獸...

    • 急徵求英文高手英翻中held in high regard

      ... 為佩姬 6.The one who bears this mark will come up in the shadows of a tyranny ;one with the beast.(這個one 與前一句的one是講同一個人嗎?)But in his fall he will...

    • 想請問我的文章這樣翻譯成英文ok嗎?麻煩大家了

      ...increasingly environmentally and eating meat for environmental impact by shadow makes eating meat hangs over this matter..., each hour there were more than 500,000 head of beast was slaughtered. Western diet and eat...