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  1. beat something down

    • ph.
      quell defence or resistance
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    • ph.
      quell defense or resistance

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 問幾句英文翻譯(來自weezer歌詞)

      ...勝算也沒有2. Its something that you're born into...'m just a no class beat down fool = 我只是個沒水準...我哪有勝算It's something that you're born into貧賤...'m just a no-class beat down fool我是三教九流那一...

    • 急需迪克生片語30~31的內容

      Lesson 30 slow down/up放慢速度 drp up漏掉/晒乾/枯竭 dry out/sober up漏失/使變乾/戒掉酒癮 be up to(something)正在做~ beat around the bush拐彎抹角 come to an end結束 put an end to/do away with終結 get even...

    • 誰知道這幾個Idioms對照成中文的意思?

      ...對於工資及待遇不滿意時,拒絕工作。 ex: Thousands of workers downed tools to demand more pay. 數以千計的工人罷工訴求更好的待遇。 8. 自顧不暇...