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    • 中文句子要翻成英文

      ...thanksgiving to everything in one's life more, so beautifying everything in one's life more. 2.Don't do limitation 2010-03-12 17:16:23 補充: 9.One who has a kind heart can make oneself...

    • 麻煩可以幫我翻譯嗎?中翻英

      ...the clothing information on the magazine, and make oneself beautify; In addition, examine and understand oneself...and keep happy mood.   Everybody has one's own dream or the thing wanting to do oneself...

    • 中翻英~英文課要用(急!!!!)

      ...the big lake in Miaoshu There is strawberry season every year one pile visits the orchard Its efficiency beautifies skins, strengthen resistance, can prevent the gums from bleeding...