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    become 用法
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    • 差別用法become and turn into

      A:turn into(phrase)是片語=> become something different ,or to make sth. or someone do this. e.g. The sofa turns...是連綴動詞=>to begin to be something,or to develope in a particular way C:become 後加 adj =>It became clear that our army should retreat before...

    • 英文連綴動詞become/seems的用法

      ...完全的動詞 ,包括不完全及物 和不完全不及物 。 典型用法就是S+V+SC和S+V+...感官動詞和使役動詞亦屬連綴動詞。 1.a.She became into the room.改為She came into the room...

    • 連綴動詞get / become用法

      get 和 become 表示 「變成」 的意思時,在接形容詞時,意思差不多。 但是 become 可以接名詞...1. 接形容詞,意思一樣: It's getting dark. = It's becoming dark. 天變暗了。 2. 接名詞,意思不同: He became a doctor...