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    • 1. 因為 Because of the storm he didn't go there. 因為暴風雨他沒有去那兒。
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    • because of epidemics they are

      Because of epidemics they are not nearly so populous as they once were...

    • with v.s because of 的問題

      ...文法原則"相同, 並不是說可以把[with]換成[because of]. 2013-10-23 16:59:17 補充: Perhaps it...and-amenities-at-these-baseball-parks/ Because of that came the next major challenge: how to choose...

    • because of 接代名詞

      Because of 後面接名詞和代名詞都可以噢! 你的例句是對的 常見的句子還有 Because of you, I finally realized the meaning of true love. Because of that movie, I start to learn ukulele. 單數複數要看名詞來決定,也要考慮...