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    • with v.s because of 的問題

      ... is not known for its breezy temperatures, and because of that came the retractable roof.

    • [英文]翻譯有錯麼

      ...shy?) 我不認為男生很害羞(I don't think so) 因為有些男生很活潑(Because of that some boys are quite bright(正向) ) 女生一定很愛說話嗎?(Are...

    • 請英文高手幫我修改一下~

      ...有些用錯 我幫你改過來了 為了用because of 和so that 我改了一點內容 改的部份有加 for five years, and 【because of】the sense of achievement I... speakers there 【so that】I can practice my...