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    • 關於get的用法

      get有三種用法,是非常重要的一個動詞‧ 1. get + 形容詞 = becomeget ~angry, late, ready, tired, bored, excited, scared, hurt, upset... 2. vt + 受詞 I don't get...

    • 有關連接詞的問題!!請幫我說明...謝謝

      ...) he feels rather boring. (B) he's beginning to get bored. (C) it's becoming bored for him. (D) it's begun to boring...

    • 請幫我訂正 英文小作文好嗎?

      ... time to complain about it. Once I get bored, I find things to do. I have many...almost BE sure that even WHEN I become oldER, I would not be bored in...