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    • 幾段英翻中,贈二十點,謝謝您

      ...of words between the many attacks and ironic words, she became weary and refused to communicate with people, just like getting locked in the room. 參考資料:

    • 可否幫忙訂正英文翻譯是否正確?Thanks. many secrets, lies, and weary. Therefore, the marriage became just like black clouds gathered...other, just so-called love each other to get along with easily difficult. 2006-11-28 06:31...

    • 請幫我看看我翻譯的對不對(英翻中)

      You have to get into the habit of using a dictionary to find the exactly meaning of words. Breaking up and retranslating the sentences, I will be back within the due day. Good luck!!