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    become a different being

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    • 請問怎麼中翻英一些句子(很短的句子)

      ...個選一個用就行了。如果您要選擇用in the past的話,那就這麼說:You become a bit different than you were in the past.後面放子句。之前的你,事實上如果僅用"You were...

    • 英文文法(20)

      ...是過去分詞構句,原句可以寫為: After the Mrs Hoffman was deprived of her son, she has become a different woman. 但是把after刪去之後,前面的動詞was只好消失,只剩下deprived of...

    • 需要英文高手的解答(文法題)20點

      ... for these setbacks 2.Mrs Hoffman has become a different woman. ________________. (A) is depriving of her son (B)deprived of her son...