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    • 幫我把英文翻成中文

      ...很多港式點心之後還是一樣很苗條 If you are too heavy and want to become slender, dim sum might be a fun way to do that. 假如你覺得自己太重,想要變瘦一點的話, 那...

    • 答20 dim

      ...of sand whick makes the air dry 2the world is becoming warmer because of the greenhouse (XXeXnXXXXe...2012-08-31 20:05:17 補充: I'm curious, "dim"=點in Cantonese?

    • 急!英文文法訂正

      ..., the photo will become bigger and colored, with/while others becoming dimmer. It shows a short description about that person as well. Such ...