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    • 拜託有誰幫個忙 翻譯成英文 謝謝啦!!!!!!!! Taiwan the historical company we to want for years the dealer which became your firm in the sales your firm's commodity, but did not understand ...

    • 為何選So forceful were的答案

      ... were so forceful that even those who came to sneer became his firm supporters. 將 So forceful 放在句首時,其強調的意味更重。 

    • As Trident becomes more...

      翻: 當三叉戟變得深深地做到多民族操作,一個新的限制發展一從分歧全世界觀點的春天和實踐至於什麼公司的整體目標應該是從最高管理層的角度,並且公司管理方法的角色