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    • 很急 我需要英文翻中文 尋求英文神手

      ...太多的大案子是件很冒險的情事. In an old-fashioned laundry,keeping too many flat irons...metal he was working with if any of that become too hot. 在一種老式的洗燙業運作裡, 若把好幾...

    • 請問da bomb big bro是什麼意思?

      An old fashion but cool way of calling something awesome. However, nowadays...often used by African-American. It became popular in the 1990s. 'Da' means 'the'...

    • 3句英翻中cross-border trade

      1. "企業恐龍"這貶低一詞, 是用於形容一大而過時的公司. 2. 你認同, 當跨國貿易增加時, 會導致國家的未開發領域因此變的較不重要嗎?