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    • 一句英文有問題

      got pregnant=fall pregnant(英式)=become pregnant 以上都是代表懷孕的意思,got 在這裏應翻作 Davey the Baby's sister got pregnant. 她就是那位告訴我們貝比的姐妺Davey怎樣懷孕的...

    • 一小段中文翻英文(急)

      ...a cause of the female policy formation earlier when substitution does that become pregnant, and outbreak to become pregnant submits a female problem, and decide it with a policy...

    • come to?在這裡的意思是?

      ... as a young lady. After one month marriage, she come to realize that she become pregnant. It came as a shock . She wasn't reay to have a baby. 結婚...