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  1. bedside manner

    • ph.
      a doctor's approach or attitude toward a patient
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    • 何謂bedside manner?

      bedside manner 圖片參考:   ph. (片語 phrase)1. 醫生對病人的態度Dr. Green has a good bedside manner.格林醫生對病人態度親切。

    • 英文文章翻譯,只需要翻譯二句,謝謝

      整個故事主要在描述Gregory這個人很不在乎病患的感受.. It did not seem to faze him that the patient was very upset and close to hysterics. 可以從that這個字把這句話分開翻譯: It did not seem to faze him. 那似乎沒有令他擔憂...