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  1. bee

    • 蜜蜂;怪念頭
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    • origin of spelling bee

      What is the origin of the term spelling bee?    The word bee, as used in spelling... this explanation, suggesting instead that this bee is a completely different word. One possibility ...

    • spelling bee

      在奇摩字典查的 bee 蜜蜂,蜂 He is as busy as a bee. 他忙得團團轉。 busy as a bee...口】(為工作,互助或娛樂而舉行的)聚會 以下是我個人的解讀 有時應該是將Bee從總是繁忙的蜜蜂引申為競爭的意思吧!! Bee Season---在百花綻放...

    • 美國人說的reading bee是什麼意思

      美國人說的reading bee是什麼意思? Bee : 【美】【口】(為工作, 互助或娛樂而舉行的)聚會...k_ZuTZPaOpDJcYu-4fgC&start=0&sa=Nmore... Reading Bee is an essential journal for today's women. Reading Bee...