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  1. beetled

    • beetle的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • 煩請達人指導英文"讓數據說話"

      Hello! Beetle, long time no see! Here comes my answer...most solid evidence. 2011-10-14 23:01:30 補充: Hi! Beetle, The bottom line is that scientific or quantitative...

    • 請問獨角仙和漆彈的英文

      獨角仙unicorn beetle 漆彈paint ball 希望對你有幫助! 2006-07-27 23:37:10 補充: unicorn beetle或者...

    • 檳榔的英文怎麼講???

      a beetle nut或a betal palm This is peculiar fruit in Taiwan, a beetle nutChew in the mouth, please don't annex , there is some similar gum ... The juice secreted is not swallowed either, come out disgustingly