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  1. CEDict


    • pinying[bu4 jiu3]
    • not long (after);before too long
    • 釋義
    • 1. not long (after)
    • 2. before too long
    • 3. soon
    • 4. soon after
  2. 知識+

    • before too long 是什麼意思

      是不久的意思。soon= before long= by and by所以before too long = very soon暴風雨很快就來了。The storm is coming very soon.= The storm is coming before too long.

    • 希望大家幫我解釋為什麼文法

      1.(B) 因主詞為多數,故形容主詞心理的感受要用形容詞~ed 答案為 are excited 2.(A) 是因被動語態,主詞為單數,故be+p.p.答案為 is designed ~被設計成.... 3.(C) help 後要接原形動詞 2005-04-18 11:00:12 補充: DaNdRiCh 林,你...

    • Jessica Simpson的歌曲英翻中

      ...if this fire will be burnt down till and end 如果這火災將燃燒直到結束 before too long 不會很久 if the morning's gonna turn it into history 如果早晨的一定會...